As someone who loves the -ber months, I am that person who is so excited to listen to Christmas/Advent songs and see people decorate their homes to feel the holiday spirit. And for some brands, especially coffee shops, it is the start of planner season. So starting today, I will be doing a post of the 12 things I do recommend this holiday season and some of the things I will be listing down are those that I personally do or personally love as well.

And guess what? I LOVE EATING!
(Want some proof? Check my Zomato Account to see how foodie I can be.)

I LOVE TO EAT but at the same time, I would love to experience the original taste of every International Cuisine out there without travelling abroad. One time, I was watching Chef Sandy Daza’s show and he was introducing this dish called Cochinillo. And after the show, I checked the internet where I can get a Cochinillo and the moment I saw the list of restaurants that serves it, I immediately paid a visit BUT I DID NOT HAVE THE SAME TASTE AS HOW IT WAS DESCRIBED BY CHEF SANDY DAZA. And I just went home disappointed.

However, God answers prayers. Hahaha!! Because last September 22, I finally had a Cochinillo that Chef Sandy Daza was sharing at his show. And I met the man behind Mr. Cochinillo during the bloggers’ night they hosted.

Mr. Tinee de Guzman is also a certified foodie just like me. He started taking photos of what he eats and it eventually became a passion that grew to another one — cooking for his family and loved ones. And last October 2012, Mr. Cochinillo bloomed out of his passion to cook.

We had a tour at Mr. Tinee’s humble kitchen and this pugon welcomed us.
Newly cooked Cochinillo
With my fellow bloggers together with Mr. Tinee de Guzman and his partner, Ian Atienza.
Mr. Tinee de Guzman telling us the story of how his business began.
Mr. Tinee poses in front of our cameras. *I secretly want a similar apron. *
Seafood Fiduea/Fideo – a dish that is similar to Paella but uses short noodles instead of rice, then cooked over a wood fire.
Do you see how crispy the skin is? REALLY CRISPY. No joke.

Here are the available food items that you can order at Mr. Cochinillo:

  • Cochinillo del Cielo
    – Php6,500 for regular (good for 8 to 12 people)
    – Php7,500 for large (good for 14 to 18 people)
  • Mr. Cochinillo’s Black Pig (Baboy Ramo)
    – Php12,500 (good for 24 to 26 people)
  • Seafood Paella or Paella Negra
    – Php5,500 for regular (good for 16 to 20 people)
    – Php9,500 for large (good for 26 to 30 people)
  • Seafood Fideua or Fideua Negra
    – Php5,500 for regular (good for 14 to 18 people)
    – Php9,500 for large (good for 26 to 30 people)
  • Mr. Cochinillo Paella
    – Php6,000 for regular (good for 16 to 20 people)
    – Php9,500 for large (good for 26 to 28 people)

And here are the available frozen items that you can order (vacuum-packed to ensure freshness):

  • Mr. Cochinillo’s Fabada (infused with Cochinillo)
    – Php600 for regular (good for 2 people)

    – Php2,000 for large (good for 6 to 8 people)
  • Rabo del Toro
    – 2,500 (good for 6 to 8 people)
  • Callos
    – Php700 for regular (good for 2 people)
    – Php2,500 for large (good for 6 to 8 people)
  • Cochinillo del Cielo
    – Php800  (good for 2 people)

(Kindly follow the recommended heating instructions to ensure quality.)


  1. Fill out the online order form or call (632) 633-0043, (632) 952-4102 or 0917-545-4888.
  2. After receiving a confirmation message via email or phone, deposit payment to:
    Carlos V. De Guzman
    Bank of the Philippine Islands
    Afterwards, email a copy of your deposit slip to orders@mrcochinillo.com.
  3. Go to the pick-up location – No. 5 Parakeet Street corner Swallow Drive, Green Meadows Subdivision, Quezon City – at the specified time to ensure the crispiness of the skin and tenderness of the meat of your Cochinillo. Be sure to bring the deposit slip when you claim your order.

There will be 10% Surcharge for Orders on DECEMBER 22,23,24,25,26,30,31 and JANUARY 1.

Disclaimer : I attended the bloggers’ night that was hosted by Mr. Cochinillo. All the food items I mentioned were not paid by any of the attendees.

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