Admit it or not, as soon as the -ber months come, we start thinking of what to give to our loved ones or where to buy “bulk of this and that generic gifts to give”. Its like gift giving is now a competition nowadays and people compares what they receive and computes its value — sad to say we forget the true essence of Christmas which is LOVE. Yes, I agree that if you love someone, you give but the question is… do you give what you give intentionally or you saw giving gifts as a tradition?

Why did I ask such question? Because I became that person who hated receiving gifts starting 2015 ‘coz I have been receiving the most generic gifts like tumbler because they know I drink a lot of water. I also received a lot of notebooks (that I was not able to use) because my friends know that I write a lot. I think, its only rare that I receive a letter or something that I can really use. However, I came to an age that I got tired of receiving gifts so I just decided to close my doors from doing so or if people asks me what I want to receive for Christmas, I just say “support LittleMsPrinter by either buying something from me or promoting my services and encouraging me.”

So, whether its Christmas or Holiday or ordinary day, I make sure to have a plain wrapping paper and some markers with me so that I could customize my gift wrappers (and yes, its hand written or hand drawn)

I also make sure to have plain papers so that I can personalize and have handwritten card with letter as well.

Why do I do such? Because that is how I express my love and appreciation to the person I am giving gifts to. But wait, there’s more! I also make sure to give personalized gifts. Example, notebooks do look so generic BUT when you add a quote that suits the person or an art that sets it apart from those notebooks you can buy in bookstores — ‘coz I myself, I use those notebooks I actually customize.

There are brands that sells plain notebooks like Limelight, Muji, Sunday Paper Co., and many more brands. Each brand is versatile and can meet the personality of the person who will receive it. Some brands do have thicker paper (good for those who draw or do bullet journaling) while some can be of pocket size (good for those who are always on the go).

Limited Edition Limelight Philippines Plain Sketchbook with a Customized cover. I used the Metallic Sharpies for the calligraphy.

What makes personalized gifts different from those we receive? First, the recipient would feel more loved and remembered especially if what you give is something they actually need. Second, they will surely keep it because it has their name or favorite quote. And lastly, you support small dreams like mine.

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