Hi! I am Marjorie Liwag, and I am the woman behind LittleMsPrinter.
When I was a young kid, I always loved writing and painting. Whenever you give me a pen and paper, I can create something out of it. And as I grow older, I started collecting pens and notebooks while trying to understand why seeing lots of them is so therapeutic to the point wherein I had 107 notebooks in total and 5 pencil case that is full of pens and colored pens. However, I started to give them away because I lost my passion in writing and creating random doodles and artworks because of a tragedy in my life — I became a victim of gang rape. That incident happened last May 31, 2014 and it totally changed my life. I lost my sanity and lost the joy people knew I had. I even chose to isolate myself from people.
As months passed by, I know I needed to release my pain so I decided to buy some technical pens and doodle again. I tried doing some lettering art and little did I know, my friends and the Instagram community will notice my artworks. I was not attached to them but all I know is that in every art I do, there is an untold story of pain. I was never in awe of my works but I end up getting commissioned to do small projects until I received an inquiry about making a wall mural and I got shocked ‘coz I do not know how to put a price on my art or should I even put a price to it.
And a lot more happened until April 2015 came: I was serving at Church Simplified’s Walkway and as I was going through it, the phrase “Leave your comfort zone. I will meet you outside of it.” So I asked, “where is my comfort zone? What do I have to do? Why are you choosing me to take a leap of faith?”
The funny part is, I did not have to do something. A lot of people just encouraged me until everyone of them is telling me “Quit the corporate jungle! Go and build your name. You will succeed.” But, I was so skeptical about it. Yes, I received a Solid Confirmation about my direction already but I am really doubting ‘coz I do not know anything about business nor creating a brand. I do not know how to sell myself.
But, the Universe conspired as I was thinking of a name. I was doing something for an event when a friend of mine said “you are our Little Miss Printer” and in my mind, “that is a very catchy name! At least, I can disassociate myself from what I do.” ‘Coz honestly, I do not want to be famous nor to be known simply because I feel unworthy of the attention and I never really liked attention. So, I immediately wrote my resignation letter and jumped out of the corporate jungle despite receiving the promotion I’ve been praying for.
A lot of things happened — had my first ever workshop, launched a coloring book together with several artists, big brands tapping me and a lot more I do not want to mention.
After all the uncertainties I had last 2015, I can finally introduce myself as a pattern maker, a calligraphy artist and letterer who aims to shed some light through art. An artist who believes that every heart matters.