Before anything else, let me give a little disclaimer : I am honored to be called “Littlemsprinter” in the streets but heads up, I have a real and legit name… (so let’s begin!)

My name is Marjorie Liwag. You can call me Marj or Marge. I am your typical 20 21 22 23 24 years old who is currently pursuing my passion for Arts and Crafts, particularly by doing Calligraphy, Lettering and Tangling.

How did it all begun?

I do not really want to put it into detail but this article that was published at The Manila Times by Carla Bianca R. Higham.

Disclaimer : If you happen to be curious about what happened to me, feel free to fill up the Contact Form and choose other.

Where are we now going?

After tons of prayers and debates with God, I am currently in progress of finishing my passion projects — an upcoming calligraphy book which I postponed for months because of having a too productive schedule (and not to mention, lack of inspiration because of my personal battles). And setting up my own office/co-working space and art school.

Workshops and Private Sessions

I am still holding workshops and I am very much open with private sessions. Will update this blog regularly for the schedules.

Anything that is Handwritten

One of the reasons why I love my alias is how it summarizes who am I as a person. I love to personalize everything I see and not to mention, I write everywhere (HAHAHAHA!!!) To know my services, fill up the Contact Form