#AHFOD Coming True

“Saying it’s true, it’s not what it seems.
Leave your broken windows open and in the light just streams
And you get a head, a head full of dreams.
You can see the change you wanted, be what you want to be.
And you get a head, a head full of dreams.
Into life I’ve just been spoken.
With a head full, a head full of dreams.”

The lyrics above is a verse from A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay.

And one of my dreams in life is to see them perform live here in Manila. Actually, because of so much hoax, I just said probably I need to travel abroad to see them perform live.

But last November 15, 2016 this article from Rappler came out AND MY HEART JUMPED SO MUCH! But wait, there’s more! I didn’t expect that their concert will happen in the eve wherein I will welcome a brand new year in my life SO GETTING A TICKET WAS A MUST.

However, getting a ticket wasn’t easy. Let us admit it — 22,500php for a VIP Ticket is too much. I think if I have a passport, I will just go out of the country instead of buying that 22,500php VIP ticket. So, I said “I will settle for a Gen Ad or a Bronze ticket.” 

SM Tickets released the tickets for Public on November 22, and I was so happy because I was working near SM MOA. But, when I was about to purchase my ticket, there was an announcement that the only tickets available are “Gold, Platinum and VIP Tickets.” My heart literally fell into pieces.

So I ranted on Facebook. (HAHAHA!!!) But good enough, someone blessed me with a  PLATINUM TICKET. Literally an answered prayer for me.

So what I did for almost 4 months was to reserve my excitement and didn’t even bother if I will see a friend or not at the concert day itself. All I was about is to savor every moment, every song and every word they will speak about.

APRIL 4, 2017

On the concert day itself, I brought my “grandmother mood”. Forgetting that I am actually a millennial, I didn’t use my gadgets so much unlike my fellow concert goers. (Just a side story : I felt sad because some people in front of me did a Facebook live of the entire concert and some just used their gadgets the entire concert. I mean, that’s Coldplay! Also, why buy a ticket if you will just do that fucking same thing you do everyday? I do not mean to be selfish or what but guys. That’s not right!) Despite of them doing such, I wore my comfortable attire to the concert and went early at the MOA Concert Grounds to get the best standing position.

Jess Kent opened up the concert so magically with her songs. I am now a follower of her music. After an hour, FINALLY!! Coldplay opened up the concert by singing A Head Full of Dreams and they ended the night singing Up and Up. 

“Named every star realizing that it is such a shame for us to part because Coldplay just brought every person to an adventure of a lifetime that turned every tear fall like glorious waterfalls.”

“Calling it MAGIC. Calling it TRUE. Hugged some of my fellow concert goers, while we sang our hearts out, raised our hands in the air, surrendered our heart,danced like no one is watching and felt like we were united by powerful songs.”

“I even fell on my knees. Shouted THANK GOD! Thanking God because I heard the band behind those songs that helped me go through depression LIVE as I celebrate my 24th birthday the next day.”

Every song was glorious. Every word Chris Martin said during that night became a bloodstream of hope.

“The idea of this tour is to be totally liberated and totally accepting of everybody in the world. It’s a tour about acceptance, and love, and the things that bring us all together. And the great joy for us has been seeing these amazing audiences in so many different places, singing and dancing. It gives us a lot of hope and a lot of faith at a time when it’s easy to lose hope and lose faith in the world. The theme for us is like anything is possible; you just set your dreams and you go for them. It’s supposed to be an optimistic kind of atmosphere.”
Chris Martin

Until now, I still feel the hype that the concert left in my heart, soul, mind and body.

Sharing some photos I took.

Also, my ultimate dream is to meet someone who loves Coldplay the way I do. Coldplay’s songs aren’t just songs — they are an anthem of hope that I will never be tired of hearing.

And now that I did, I wrote this letter for him:

Meeting him makes me sing I want something just like this.”

How about you? What was your dream come true?

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