My Cup Overflows

I always have big faith in small dreams. Small dreams reminds me of coffee beans and thank God because there is a coffee shop here in the Philippines that believes in people who makes their small dreams come true.

And it is none other than The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines. I love how they encourage and inspire artists (calligraphers, letterers, photographers, dancers, singers and writers) to share their craft through Brew Your Best Year.

I was inspired to share my artwork because of this particular event they had called Dreams: Hopes and Fears in Sleep or in Waking. I was a fan of spoken word poetry so I decided to join and be one of those people who will have the chance to witness different spoken word performances.

This is the artwork I submitted :Dreams

And I am happy to be one of the people who witnessed the event for free. I even met some of Filipino artists like Moira dela Torre and Quest.

Because of the great experience I had with my first ever Coffee Bean event, I am now contributing more artworks and I join more of their events.

#Brew2015 Journaling Workshop with Martine de Luna
Group Picture during the Brew Your Best Year x Make It Blissful event last September
During the Giving Journal 2016 Planner Public Launch

I do not expect to be given a chance to share my Coffee Bean Story  and I am happy to be featured at their Facebook and Instagram pages.

And last October 22, 2016 I was given a chance to showcase my artworks during The Giving Town where CBTL Philippines finally launched The Giving Journal 2017.

Sharing how to do tangling to them. Thank you for the photo Enzo Cruz!

How about you? Where do you share your overflows?

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