CBTL x LittleMsPrinter

twist together into a confused mass.

Most of you know that I do the art of  Tangling and I take every lines and shapes seriously because I wanna create a beautiful imagery.

the art of using shapes and lines in creating a beautiful imagery.

Here are some samples:

Every word I use in every artwork has a story — a story of hope and my high hopes in having hope. Hope that something good is gonna happen to me, to the people around me and in this world. A hope that my artwork at some point will inspire people to create or pursue their greatest passion in life or live a purposeful life. And I hope that I am also doing the same.

And I am amazed of how God answers my weirdest questions (I will blog about it little by little) through my The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Brew Your Best Year family. I am thankful for people like Nella who pushes me to hold a workshop for CBTL already and share what I do with the community. And finally, after thousands of self-debate, I shared what The Art of Tangling is about to 17 participants and several people last June 28, 2017 at their branch in Burgos Circle, BGC.

We started the event by introducing ourselves and was followed by my introduction of what the Art of Tangling is about. After discussing everything about the art, just like the tradition in every workshop Brew Your Best Year organizes, I gave an activity to the participants wherein I asked them to describe how their midyear was. That activity also happened to be a contest. We chose the top three entries who won Php 1,000 Gift Certificate.

The workshop ended with me being able to answer one of my weirdest questions

“What will make people brave enough?”

Our own selves. What they’ve learned will make them braver, stronger and cling on hope even more.

The official workshop photos are uploaded here : Art of Tangling Workshop Recap

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