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When I was still actively serving as a choir member/main back-up at the former church I was attending to, I was really having a hard time every Sunday to think of what to wear most especially we really need to follow a dress code and a color code. So there were times that I got scolded because of the following reasons :

  1. I do not dress according to my age.
  2. I wear skimpy or fit or too fit blouse or skirt or dress.
  3. My top or bottom is too bold or strong.

Good thing after college I wasn’t part of the it anymore. So I easily thought I will be able to escape strict dress codes upon entering the corporate world, however I was really having a hard time of thinking what to wear every single day. But, when I transferred to a BPO Company, finally I was able to wear my jeans, sneakers and loose shirts. But as I grow up, I realized that I need to carry myself well most especially now that I am working as a full-time calligraphy artist and artpreneur. I need to present myself well because I am representing not only myself but also my brand and advocacy.

Sharing some of my OOTDs since 2012:

Right now, what I wear usually depends on how I feel. It doesn’t matter how I match each and every piece of clothing in me as long as I feel good and comfortable with it. However, there are times that I am not confident that I can pull-off any OOTD because some people tells me that I am petite, fat or ugly.

Honestly, I have a secret wish of having my own personal stylist so that someone can dress me up according to my shape, shade and size without breaking the bank and being able to maximize what’s inside my wardrobe.

And finally,Β Writer’s Block Philippines made my secret wish come true in a form of workshop. But creating a poster for the said workshop is something I consider a bonus (Thank you Nikka Sarthou-Lainez for tapping me to do it and for Brew Your Best Year for polishing my design). It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to serve both parties.

In return, I was able to score a slot for the workshop. (I wish I can do this to watch every Coldplay concert. Okay, going back.) I was curious who is Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita and when I saw her portfolio, it left nothing but excitement because I will be learning from the Former Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Not only that, I was also excited because Brew Your Best Year gave away 10 slots for the said workshop and some of my friends joined. (You are the best!) Also, Rappler wrote an article about the workshop. (HUHU! So proud of my Baby).

Workshop Day (July 15, 2017)

When Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita arrived, I got so excited and when she smiled at me, I was nothing but thrilled while hiding my expectations of learning so much. As my fellow participants arrive at the venue, I cannot contain my joy of being able to score a slot.

Ms. Ana Santos, one of the founders of Writer’s Block PH made sure to know what we wanna learn from the workshop and this is the summary of what the total of 25 participants (including me) wanted to learn

“To be the better version of ourselves and overcome our wardrobe rants by improving our OOTD and diversifying our wardrobes while knowing what pieces should we invest on and what pieces we should not wear and discovering a new perspective of what our personal style should be. Who knows, this can be a start of something new — probably a passion project or just embracing ourselves even more. Not to impress other people but my own self.”

Also Ms. Nella Lomotan, the Brand Manager of CBTL welcomed each and everyone of us. It is also a privilege for me be asked to share what Brew Your Best Year is about.

“An avenue by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines to encourage people who are into arts — Β yoga, dancing, music, calligraphy, painting, sewing or anything about art to share their overflows to the communities like holding workshops like this or contributing artworks.” – Yours Truly

“We partner with different organizations to provide our community avenues to learn and we do it for free because at the end of the day, we’re not just about selling coffee, we’re about sharing our overflows to make an impact to those who are outside the four corners of our shops.” – Nella Lomotan

After our sharings and introductions, Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita took the floor and started talking about what she is passionate by talking about the different body types for men and women. Highlighting the assets and what to wear for every body type, everyone in the room became so conscious of what their body type is. Assuring us that “Every shape, shade and size is beautiful”, she generously gave tips on how to be style smart. In the duration of the workshop, she made sure that no one will leave the room with unanswered questions. Her pieces of advice are really practical and uplifting.

“The true secret to looking good is taking care of yourself and having the confidence to flaunt and celebrate what is uniquely beautiful about yourself.” – Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita

And just like any other event, some things must come to an end like enjoying the company of our new found friends while listening to a great speaker. But at the same time, it is a start of something new — deeper conversations, decluttering our wardrobes and discovering our personal style. But wait! Just like any other Brew Your Best Year event, there is an upcoming contest for those who participated in the workshop just like me. Starting today until July 23, write about the Personal Styling Workshop either on Facebook or your blog post and send it at The top 3 winners will receive Php 1,000 gift certificate from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

I am excited to apply what I’ve learned from the workshop not just for my future OOTDs but to embrace and flaunt my beautiful body because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Sharing some photos of the event:

Thank you Writer’s Block PH for the workshop. To know more about them and their upcoming workshops, you can follow them on Facebook, TwitterΒ or by sending them an email at Of course, do not forget to follow Brew Your Best Year on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to have your dose of encouragement and be informed of the upcoming workshops.

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