#Unapologetic, the Unapologetic Dude and an Unapologetic Giveaway

I became a fan of Kuya Francis Miranda when I heard him talk during the Let’s Get Down to Business Workshop. He was the speaker and as you all know, I love taking down notes but during this workshop, I could not even take one because everything that he said was really on point and applicable. Oh, well! Just kidding! I actually did an artwork and gave it to him. (Honestly, this was the first time I said “it’s okay to have that fangirling moment with an international speaker”)

My only note during the workshop.

And guess what? He held my artwork with so much joy! (Huhuhu!!! Like WAAAAAH!)


And we became friends on Facebook and would constantly message each other as if we have known each other for years. We would comment on each other’s post until JULY 1, 2018 happened — I was in Magnum Opus together with some friends and as I was about to leave, I saw a very familiar face — The Unapologetic Dude Himself! I was really happy because we were planning to meet and just work together, but the Universe really works in mysterious ways. Hahaha!! So, I introduced my friend Troy and the rest is history.

The unapologetic and unexpected rendezvous

After a quick catch-up, he asked me about my business and all of a sudden, I opened up the dream I buried almost two years ago — writing my own calligraphy book. He allowed me to read a part of the manuscript of his upcoming book (during that time) entitled Unapologetic. Guess what? I was broken to pieces again BUT, he challenged me “Write that book before I leave for New York!” (That was so intense but OKAY! Let us take it! I am a brave soul after all. Hahahaha!!!)

I was trying to write the manuscript and plan how its gonna go. But, fast forward to September 5, 2018, when we had a planned meeting to talk about a recent happening in my life, I was again challenged and this time, with a date!


While the rest is history, I took the wonderful chance to buy Kuya Francis’ two books — Unapologetic and WTF! And the reason why I am writing this blogpost is because, I wanna share what I have learned from the book Unapologetic.

The two books!

I wanna share THREE UNAPOLOGETIC TRUTHS I have learned from this book:

    I can honestly say that I have been a victim and suspect of what we call PEOPLE PLEASING, well we all are! I was so afraid to fail my parents, teachers, church leaders and everyone else — so I ended up forgetting myself. There was a time that I was serving in church from 6 o’clock in the morning up to 8 o’clock in the evening and will do chores upon arriving home. Then, after my class, I would go straight to serve in church. My body was telling me to rest but I ignored it. My gut was telling me to rest from serving first because I am having an extreme fatigue. BUT I SAID NO. And guess what happened? Those things I wrongly prioritized was one of the reasons why I had a depression. 
    But now, I am proud to say that I chose to SAY YES to the life I want — doing my passion for living, drinking whenever I want to, being surrounded with good people (not necessarily “churchy”), and finally I can breathe. More importantly, I can acknowledge my bipolarity but at the same time, using it as a fuel to inspire people.
    In relation to what I’ve shared, a lot of people did dictate what they want me to be. I initially wanted to take Fine Arts or Conservatory of Music but my parents did not wanted it so I took Computer Science instead. Aside from that, most of my leaders in the church told me to “rebuke your struggles and focus on the Lord instead!” My professors would tell me to “Marj, maximize your scholarship! Mag-Computer Engineering ka.” And a lot more. So, I ended up living different identities. I lived a double life AND GUYS! IT IS TIRING. Really tiring.
    So, the moment I got enough courage, I did expose who I really wanna be — a woman who is struggling yet fuels people with love because I am loved. Was it worth it? YES! Because I listened to myself, to what I want. (Tho, I needed to go through a lot. I learned the hard way but it is definitely worth it!)
    This truth bomb really hit me. This line did made me write down the things that happened in my life. And the worst things that happened in my life made me grateful. Yes, I was not happy that they happened BUT I am glad they happened because it led me here — LittleMsPrinter. As some of you know, after I was gang raped, I really did not know what to do until I found my renewed passion in doing art again. Quitting the wonderful corporate world, I bravely started making art as a full time work AND I WAS CRYING TEARS OF JOY BECAUSE I DID NOT EXPECT ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME TO HAPPEN. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would work for big brands nor write names of CEOs, well-known artists, influential people, businessmen/women and even names of politicians. I met a lot of people and helped a lot of businesses too.

Kuya Francis is the Unapologetic Dude. And he is an irreverent and inspirational speaker not just here in Manila but internationally. He loves to travel and share his #kalakaldiaries and #mirandaroundtheworld. To have a daily dose of his #unapologetic posts, like his Facebook Page or follow him on Instagram. Also, he has a website Unapologetic Dude!

And because I love you guys, I am giving away TWO COPIES of the Unapologetic book! How?

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