As someone who gets ill easily, I need to make sure that I am taking my diet seriously and I am eating the right food. And through the years, I reduced my consumption of dairy products in general. So, I even came to a point that I stopped eating Ice Cream and cannot even enjoy my Latte or Ice Blended unless Coconut Milk is available.

So, I was really happy when I saw The Lost Bread‘s post about their latest offering — Acai Strawberry Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream. Even the toppings are 100% Vegan so that made me happier.

I immediately dropped by at their SM Megamall branch to try it myself. But before telling you my final verdict, let me show you how cute and “Instagram-worthy” their interiors are:

The Soft Serve is very refreshing to my taste buds because the Acai and Strawberry taste is balanced, as both flavors can be strong. While the Roasted Peanut Crust and Banana Almond Granola gave it an added texture. The Bananas gave a more tropical and summery taste. But when I added the Strawberry Syrup, I felt like eating a Strawberry Cheesecake less the flour and sweetness.

The Acai Strawberry Vegan Soft Serve is available at all The Lost Bread branches Nationwide for a LIMITED TIME only, so grab yours while its still available!

Follow THE LOST BREAD in their Social Media accounts to that you can be updated with their latest offerings. Also, their NEWEST BRANCH at Southwoods Mall is NOW OPEN!

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