Hi, 2018! (and a giveaway)

Confession : I have FOMO.

FOMO (Fear of  missing out)
noun; informal
– anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. (www.google.com)

For the past years, I noticed that I am so afraid of missing out things on my calendar so I end up cramming and not becoming excellent. The worst is, I end up not enjoying whatever’s present.

And last December 31, 2017 a lot of my friends posted their “goodbye to 2017 essays” on Facebook or Instagram. Good thing, I wasn’t tempted to post my own ‘coz first, I did not prepare any (HAHAHA!!!) and second, I do not feel like saying goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018 as I spent the last 6 days of 2017 grieving and grueling. I found celebrating His faithfulness so hard — but who am I to label the bad days as a sign of His unfaithfulness? Or how dare am I to actually call Him “unfaithful”? I had an ungrateful heart because of the unexpected plot twists in my life but this particular verse in the Bible served as a reminder for me to do the right thing.

As I study the verse even more, I focused on the phrases TO NUMBER and GAIN A HEART.

I think, the author used the word NUMBER instead of count because no one can really give the exact x number of days we will be here on earth. We can say, that our stay here on earth is indefinite but that should not be our excuse to waste the time given to us, we should make sure to do things excellently and the right way. And as we practice doing the right things and learning from our wrong doings, that is where we GAIN a HEART — not necessarily a wise heart but more of a discerning heart.

Honestly, it sounds so hard. ‘Coz it is really hard to be wise and discerning most especially we have the tendency to rely on the way we want things to happen. We rely on our “how-to’s” but we forget to rely on to the One who wrote our days from womb to tomb. I admit, this is really hard because I am one of those people who easily gets frustrated if someone cancels a planned date or appointment however, I am thankful to be reminded that my life is a work in progress — so it’s okay to complain at times.

So, how do I usually plan my day?

  • I start my day by believing this verse from Isaiah 43:19 and lifting up my plans to Him.
    For me this passage is to assure me of three things: 1. that no matter what happens, good or bad, it will bloom into something beautiful, 2. that being a gang rape survivor is not something I should be ashamed of because God is surely gonna use that for His glory, 3. that every day is a beautiful day.

  • I make sure that before doing anything else, I grab a cup of coffee.
    My favorite coffee is none other than 
    The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines ®’s Ready Coffee because I can still have a taste of my favorite coffee everywhere I go.

  • I make sure to plot all of my activities for the week at my The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines®’s The Giving JournalI love The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines®’s The Giving Journal because of these five reasons: 1. it allows me to be more intentional when it comes to scheduling my everyday tasks2. every week, you can either have a challenge, a reminder or a nugget of wisdom from different individuals who makes an impact in their circle of influence. 3. who would not love to track their health or financial progress? There is a page every month where you can track those, even your relationship with other people. (Isn’t that nice?) 4. it has enough space for me to make my artworks or be more creative5. it has monthly themes and that will encourage you to Brew Your Best 2018 by leaving a legacy.

And because I wanna encourage another person to start leaving a legacy, I AM GIVING AWAY A  STAMP CARD WITH 12 STAMPS ALREADY to ONE PERSON. You will also receive some surprises from me. Here’s how you can join the giveaway:

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  3. Answer the question:
  4. Comment your answers at this blog post. (Comments on Facebook will not be accepted)
  5. Share this blog post on Facebook and use the hashtag #LittleMsPrinter2018Giveaway (make sure to make your post public!)
  6. You can join the giveaway until January 27, 2018
  7. I will announce the winner on January 28, 2018 (on Facebook and Blog)

Looking forward for your entries!!!

9 Replies to “Hi, 2018! (and a giveaway)”

  1. I want to be remembered as the black sheep that transformed to a cool and loving person. Mom by morning and a Rakista at night(a milk-pumping-mom on gigs at night too).. Mom of 5 that always forgets her schedules.lol.

  2. How do I want to be remembered?

    I want to be remembered as a friend or a family member that is always there. The positive krung2 girl that gives advice to the people who craves it and to give positive vibes to those who needs it. I want to be remembered as that person who never leaves you even though your down in a pit of mud or trapped in Devil’s Snare.

    1. ” a friend or a family member that is always there… who never leaves you even though your down in a pit of mud or trapped in Devil’s Snare.”

      Hi, Rhob!!! This is so selfless of you! Keep the light of love shine upon you. And I personally hope that someone’s gonna be selfless for you. ‘Coz I know you deserve to receive greater amount of love you give to other people.

      1. Your reply makes me cry 😭😭😭 natouch ako

  3. Jewelyn Quindoza says: Reply

    I want to be remembered as a kind soul. Considerate and empathic. Wise and funny. Someone who possessed all the good qualities people thrive off when they were around me. Deeply sensitive, intuitive, wise yet the one who made everyone laugh. The one that gave everyone advice and cheered them up. The one who was seen as a role model because she had such a beautiful soul. The one who was seen as a strong woman who stand out inspite of so many trials and hardships that life gives. And lastly, as a god fearing woman that everything i did was through our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Awwww!!! Ate Jewel, you are a good Mom to Momay and that’s how I am really gonna remember you. You’ve endured so much pain in life so here I am, rooting for you always and all ways. I hope to see you and Momay soon! Lablab!

  4. Gusto ko maalala ako ng tao sa pagiging organize na tao. Seryoso minsan sa buhay pero jolly at maalalahanin na tao. Yung kapag nabanggit nila ung pangalan ko o binaggit sa kanila ung pangalan ko sasabihin nilang “Ahh, eto ung taong seryoso pero kwela. Tapos sya yung taong uunahin ung iba kesa sarili nya”.

    1. Awwwww!!! Gliyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, yes you are! Let me confirm that today. I will always remember you as someone who is so selfless. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you more!

      1. Thanks te marj. Miss you a lot. 😘

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