If there is a Filipino restaurant that sets the bar high on serving Filipino dishes, and not to mention, really maintains a great caliber of quality, that would be MESA Philippines.

About MESA
– MESA is a brand housed under Foodee Global Concepts. This group also houses great brands such as Tim Ho Wan, Hawker Chan, Kam’s Roast, Tsuta Ramen, Llao Llao, Sunnies Cafe, #Pound, Flatterie and Bench Cafe.
– The group is being led by Mr. Rikki and Eric Dee.
– MESA has won awards such as the prestigious Food Retailer of the Year, an award that is given by the Philippine Retailer’s Association. Also, the brand is a consistent recipient of T. Dining Best Restaurants Guide, an award that is being given to restaurants that has high standards in food and service.

10th year Anniversary
– MESA is one of those brands that has grown bigger and better not just in Metro Manila but also in the entire Philippines. And the father-and-son tandem of Mr. Rikki and Eric Dee has a goal to close 2019 with at least 70 operating stores in preparation to #MESARoadTo100Campaign. So to help them reach that goal, they chose Mr. Dingdong Dantes to represent MESA.

According to Mr. Rikki Dee, CEO of Foodee Global Concepts: “Dingdong is the best representation of where we want to take MESA as a brand. He is a modern Filipino family man who puts his family first and settles with nothing but the best for his family. In the same way, MESA treats its guests as its own family – nothing but the best in food, service and ambiance for them here at MESAMr. Eric Dee, COO of Foodee Global Concepts believes that “Through this collaboration with Dingdong and his team, MESA will be institutionalized as your go-to Filipino restaurant serving you authentic classic flavors served with a modern twist.” The Dee’s strongly believe and boast that through their partnership with Mr. Dantes, they can have more stand-alone stores in commercial areas and they can also be part of hotels around the country while making sure that they will be a casual-dining restaurant that values their customer’s money.

MESA’s Best Sellers

  • CRISPCHON – suckling pig that is served in 2 ways (its either wrapped in Malunggay Crepe or tossed in Chili-Garlic)
  • BABY SQUID IN OLIVE OIL – baby squid sauteed in olive oil and tons of garlic. (Mr. Dantes’ favorite)
  • TINAPA ROLL – smoked tilapia with chunks of tomato, onion and salted egg enveloped in lumpia wrapper that is deeply fried.
  • MESA BRAISED BEEF – beef simmered in coconut milk. MESA’s rendition of Beef Rendang.
  • SHRIMP IN SALTED EGG SAUCE – a sweet, savory dish of white shrimp doused in Salted Egg Sauce.
Crispchon wrapped in Malunggay Crepe
Crispchon tossed in Chili Garlic
Baby Squid in Olive Oil
Shrimp tossed in Salted Egg Sauce
People patiently waiting for the contract signing

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