Mindful Eating is now Possible

As I grow older, I am slowly learning to be more careful with what I eat and drink. When I eat unhealthy foods, I make sure to fast the next day or I will jog at least 5 rounds or I will attend two yoga classes. (Some of you might think that I am being a masochist or I am becoming a pain at my own ass) BUT in reality, that is how I discipline myself. Well, cheat days are totally fine but I make sure that its still a healthy cheat day (example, Black Coffee can be Iced Coffee or I can eat cookies but still no-sugar).

And to be honest, I’ve been struggling to keep such a lifestyle ‘coz I am a foodie and my Mom cooks the best food that we can eat. (Well, our Moms will always be the best chef — wouldn’t you agree?) So its either I will not eat rice or I will not eat at all. I even tried subscribing to those who prepare meals on a weekly basis but I ended up not being able to enjoy my food anymore ‘coz I simply want more.

But the good thing is, FINALLY! Becoming healthy is gonna be easier with Pantry by Rub Rack!

Last March 12, together with my fellow foodies, I attended a Bloggers’ Dinner that was graced by two of the people behind Pantry by Rub Rack — Chef Lui Madela and Des Agcaoili. They have decided to put up a place where their barkada can meet and eat without having to split up due to their diet restrictions.

According to Chef Lui Madela, they carefully prepare their food and has a separate utensils for vegan and non-vegan items. Also, they really prepare everything from scratch and makes sure that they follow a particular food preparation process.

The Pantry by Rub Rack has Vegan-Friendly and Non-Vegan offerings on their menu. However, for the event what we had are the Vegan-Friendly offerings.

With my fellow foodies and bloggers (L-R) Marj, Jowell of FoodFlings.PH and Angelica of beingjellybeans.com
Chef Lui Madela is the woman behind all the Vegan-friendly offerings of The Pantry by Rub Rack

Thank you, Alex Alcantara of BoyEatWorldPH for extending the invite to me and my fellow blogger Angelica Jose of beingjellybeans.com!

Pantry by Rub Rack is located at the 2nd Floor, 225 Katipunan Avenue, Barangay Milagrosa, Quezon City

You can also follow them on Social Media by typing @pantrybyrubrack

Disclaimer : We did not pay for anything that we consumed during that night. As mentioned in this post, we were invited and attended this Bloggers’ Dinner.

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  1. I should visit here soon! Thanks for this article Littlemsprinter!

    1. You are welcome Sarah!!! Hope to be of help 😊

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