Spectrum of Beers: An Interpretation

CONFESSION: I hate beers.
REASON: It is bad for the liver.

However, I learned through Astrid (one of the owners of Spektral Beer Lounge) that Craft Beer is not bad for the liver ‘coz the process of doing it is way different from those commercial beers. So from then on, I tried drinking and exploring different types of beers — IPAs, Ciders, Wheat Beer, Stout and a lot more.

I started to have that secret desire to share my talent to the Craft Beer community as a way to appreciate them and also to make them known to my circle of influence.

And after a year of just teasing each other, finally me and Astrid made our plans come true and did an on-the-spot Glass Mural for three days and four nights. We did not have a paper plan but all we know is that we wanna educate people about craft beers and the uprising Local Craft Beer industry.

Take a look:
Photos by Astrid Chug/Spektral Beer Lounge

I would also like to thank Troy Sitosta for helping us finish the glass art!

To know more about Spektral Beer Lounge, you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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