A Wok n’ Roll experience

When I was young, I am really amazed when I see someone cook using a WOK ‘coz I had a thinking that what is being prepared is for a feast and I also thought that it is exclusive for cooking meals like Pancit, Chopsuey or Pinakbet.

Well, fast forward to this day, a lot of restaurants with a concept of Asian Fusion has been popping fast and one of those is Wok n’ Roll. They opened last December 2018 at Rockwell Business Center Sheridan, Pioneer in Mandaluyong City.

Whether you are health-conscious, sticking to a budget or adventurous, Wok n’ Roll has a list of Signature Dishes that you can choose from or you can also customize your meal for a starting price of 160 pesos.

Wanna customize your bowl?
Having a hard time to customize? These are Wok n’ Roll’s Signature Dishes that you can choose from.

When I visited together with my fellow foodies, we were able to try customizing our meal and we were also able to try three of their Signature Dishes.

My customized bowl: Brown Rice + Thai Pesto + Chicken Katsu and Sesame Seeds

Every Base comes with Egg, Cabbage, Carrots and Beansprouts. Then you can choose from their list of Sauces that is sourced all over Asia. And you can choose your meat — you can have all pork, all beef, all seafood, all chicken or a mix of whatever you like. And to end it, you can choose to add more vegetables or some toppings for your meal.

One of Wok n’ Roll’s signature dishes: Kung Pao Panda (Rice Noodles + Egg + Chicken Thigh + Cabbage + Carrots + Green Beans + Mixed Bell Pepper + Peanuts + Szechuan Sauce)

What I like about Wok n’ Roll is that you can really experiment on what you want without breaking the bank or your budget. Also, it can cater to every type of eater so there is no need to go on separate restaurants just to eat or enjoy lunch or after-work dinner. Based on my personal experience, every bowl can really make you full as in BUSOG!

Everything that me and my fellow foodies enjoyed.

Wok n’ Roll is located at Rockwell Business Center Sheridan. They are on Facebook and Instagram! You can also check out their Zomato page.

DISCLAIMER: Wok n’ Roll directly invited me to their restaurant and asked me to bring some foodie friends with me. We were not asked to pay for anything. However, the reviews I posted on Zomato and Facebook is not biased and whatever comments I have was already forwarded directly to the restaurant. I highly suggest that you try eating here at Wok n’ Roll.

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