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Being a self-made entrepreneur (turning 4 years now) is really hard. There are times that I wish I could build a community of artists who thrive so that I could share my struggles or I could relate to someone but I guess, not everyone is called to build such as it requires a lot of calling and courage. And I personally think that becoming a community builder is harder since every member is gonna be accountable to you — which takes a lot of strength and time as well.

But, it is not just me who needs a community — everyone does need a community. Every gender, sector and even professionals do need one at least. And one of those are the WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) and every Filipino Women who wants to earn online.

#WEdothetalk is one of those communities who aims to connect, encourage, empower and do the talk for every Women Entrepreneur (that is what WE means *winks*). It is being headed by Richie Peñaflor Rebamuntan, whose advocacy is to see all women, especially mothers to work from home, earn and help provide for the family without sacrificing leaving their kids. Richie has been freelancing since April 2010 at Upwork (formerly known as Odesk) and years of experience lead her to building her own agency, iConnect Business and Marketing Services.

I’m coaching since 2014 but to small group or one on one lang, then I was introduced to a group of women hanggang sa naisip ko — training or enrolling yourself to online courses is useless if you’ll not be given with opportunities how to use what you’ve learn. So I decided to combine my agency and my passion in training fellow Filipino Women.

– Ms. Richie Peñaflor Rebamuntan

Last February 23, Ms. Richie and her team formally launched the community and their website by having an intimate gathering. Around 25 women and 3 men got a chance to connect and engage at Rizal Art House and was graced by the following:
Speakers – Ms. Angelica Punzalan Hernandez of DigiMom Academy, Mr. Fred Mosquida of Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines, Ms. Jeannie Perez, MDRT of AXA Philippines and Ms. Leigh Anne Decolongon of Social Media WAHM.
Sponsors – Rizal Art House, Skin Magical, Unilever Network Philippines, doTerra, Lady’s Youthful Secrets and Rich’s Pure Raw Honey from the Wild.
Bloggers – Jellybeans in the City and yours truly.

We also enjoyed a sumptuous and healthy snacks from Delicacita.

As mentioned at the introduction of this post, I am a self-made entrepreneur and everything I know/realized is only by experience and circumstances. But, this gathering became a reminder of what I’ve learned which I will share on a separate blog post. For now, let me end this by sharing some photos. *excuse me for still being in awe of what happened during the event and the Art Fair 2019*

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to attend Marj!

    1. You’re welcome!!! And thank you as well. I enjoyed your company

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